40 Long-Distance Relationship Quotes to Inspire Your Love

Being in a long distance relationship can be quiet difficult. You spend nights wondering where the one you love is, what he or she is doing and if he or she is thinking about you. There are days and nights you just want to cry and stay in bed because missing that person is really killing you. You long for the few moments when you can call him or her. You both promised to be faithful to one another. You want to keep that promise. You always try to find inspiration to motivate you to be strong. You also try to find ways to continue keeping the love burning alive despite the miles between the two of you.

50 Long Distance Relationship Quotes On Making It Work

Long distance relationships are never easy. It can be hard to be apart from your love for weeks or months at a time. The distance does not make it impossible to have a great relationship though. Read through these long distance relationship quotes to find comfort as you navigate the distance within your own relationship. When you love someone deeply, they affect every part of your life.

“Love will travel as far as you let it.

Last Updated March 31, Here are some romantic long distance relationship messages and famous long distance love quotes that can help you to keep on defying the distance and stoke the flames of passion. Long-distance relationships can be deal breakers for many couples, but there are many ways to keep the love alive. Stay in touch by any means possible. There is very little excuse not to do so since technology allows communication in real time between any two places in the world.

Keep the communication lines open, be honest with your feelings and live interesting lives apart so that you have tales to tell when the time for togetherness comes. Relationships are strengthened by separation, but make sure that you both understand what you are getting into because long, lonely nights are just a little part of it. Keep the passion alive and the connection strong with a few passages that will stoke sweet sentiments in your faraway love.

I may not be always there with you… But I will always be there for you.

Long Distance Dating Quotes

Valentine’s Day is on its way which means your social media feeds are about to be filled with flowers, chocolates, and love galore. If you’re one of those totally enamored couples posting your romantic day together, you probably don’t mind much. But if you’re in a long-distance relationship and have to spend the holiday without your boo, you might feel left out. Well, you don’t have to.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely.”.

Long distance relationships have inspired song writers, authors, and everyday people to put into words the feelings that come with being miles apart from the one you love the most. We have collected the best long distance relationship quotes that portray the love, anguish, and joy that comes from being in a long distance relationship. Browse our favorites below! If you know of a great quote from a song, book, etc please send us an email! You if you would like to submit your own unique quote, written by yourself, feel welcome to submit that as well!

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Looking for long distance relationship quotes to express your feeling to your loved ones? We have captured this beautiful feeling in words. Being in a long distance relationship is a beautiful feeling. You will feel like you have found your soulmate still being a world apart. And with the advent of new technologies, long-distance relationships are more common than ever before. So we have collected some of the best long-distance relationship quotes that express this beautiful feeling in form of words.

You will understand these benefits of long distance relationships. Long Distance DatingLong Distance BoyfriendLong Distance Relationship Quotes​Long.

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100 Long Distance Relationship Quotes and Love Messages

Long distance relationships are tough to handle. It can make any couple yearn to be with one another as soon as possible. So if you are missing your love this season, perhaps some romantic long distance relationship quotes can bring a smile on your face and provide some comfort So if you are missing your love this season, perhaps some romantic long distance relationship quotes can bring a smile on your face and provide some comfort….

When a couple, whether they are dating, married, or engaged-to-be-married, is in a long distance relationship, things can get a bit tough.

Apr 30, – Long distance relationships are on the rise. 20 Distance Love Status Quotes – Deep and Famous Cute Quotes Now Quotes, Life Quotes.

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Long Distance Relationship Quotes

When two people are in love, time and distance do not matter. And, you miss your beloved if you live far apart. In a long distance relationship LDR , the feeling of love is intense but comes with the pain of not getting to see each other often. Technology does make up for the distance to a certain extent, but it can never give you the real feel of being with the person you love. Lovers take to different things to express their love.

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If make a purchase through these links, we receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Please see our disclosure for more info. Long distance relationships are incredibly challenging. After all, much of the joy of being in a relationship comes from the interests we share and the activities we do together. You learn how to make a commitment, even when things are difficult. You discover the power of your relationship to overcome all obstacles. These long distance relationship quotes come from others who have been in your situation, and have found the best in it.

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