A Single’s Guide to Dating in Paris

The French have a reputation for being serious about love and romance, but is this reputation deserved? Many people who move to France are couples nearing retirement who dream of a life in the sun, with delicious French food and wines to sample and stunning landscapes to discover. But how is moving to France as a single? When it comes to age groups, singles are fairly evenly distributed, with 18 to 34 year-olds forming the largest group, with 50 to 64 year-olds not far behind. In fact, singles are one of the fasted growing demographics in France, with the number of singles nearly trebling in the past thirty years or so. If you decide to take the plunge, and move across the channel as a single, what are the chances of finding love, and how should you go about it? The most popular dating site in France is Meetic. While contacts on these sites are mainly conducted in French, those French people who do speak English are very keen to practice their conversation.

Guide to dating in France

Please refresh the page and retry. E xpat Radio aims to cross the generational divide with eclectic music from motown and golden oldies to hip-hop and dance. There will also be guests discussing the issues of the day, with listeners encouraged to call and email in with their views. I t is not the only English-language radio available in France. Riviera Radio, based in Monaco, is available on

me and my fiancee are getting pacs’ed on Thursday! i am south african and she is french. we met in china 2 years ago and started dating soon after, we got.

France has always been a big draw for expats. Between the easygoing lifestyle and the beautiful surroundings that France offers, people of all ages often decide to relocate there. But what makes a prime location for an expat? Affordable cost of living, low crime rate, an idyllic climate, and a distinctive, high-quality way of living. Just a few reasons why people choose to make France their new home.

Annecy, a lakeside alpine town in the Haute-Savoie department of the French Alps , is active and stylish, and the ultimate destination for adventure-seekers. The lake offers sailing and other watersports, and nearby parkland has trails for cyclists, joggers and walkers.

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Stay Secure and Stay Safe With the anonymity of online dating, it is on the whole, more secure than going to a bar and meeting a stranger. Read More…. Where to start? Where to go?

– Online Dating site for expatriates to help expats living abroad to chat, date, find love, find friends or find a partner or foreign friend.

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. As far as sex is concerned, Parisians are significantly more adventurous than their provincial counterparts. Presuming that everyone reading this is familiar with the basic workings and foibles of Tinder , the only thing to note is that Parisians tend to have their own approach to using the app.

If Tinder has always seemed a little too intense for you at home and even more so when cultural and language obstacles are thrown in the mix, then perhaps the slow dating app Once is more your thing. Every day at noon it will propose one human-made match for you from its network of Parisian singles. The site also has a ton of groups specifically aimed at singles of all ages and persuasions. The website Pastas Party , which is run by the online dating agency Meetic, organizes a wide range of fun events for singles in Paris and other cities across France.

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Moving to France as an expat: HSBC’s Expat Country Guide to France can help you with everything you need to know about relocating abroad.

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With in-depth features, Expatica brings the international community closer together. Amongst other services, Expatica offers the best dating site for Expats in France since Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country.

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Picture this – you’re living abroad, single and thriving. You’ve taken all the necessary steps to live a fulfilling lifestyle in another country. You’re satisfied with your work environment, you’ve made friends with people from all around the world and even managed to save up a few coins.

As an American living in France, you may not know that merely residing What Is the French Council Tax and How Does It Affect Expats and Taxes? but the occupant was not physically present at the property on that date.

Relocation services, coaching for expats, and other payable services for expats, see the Relocation and Expat Coaching page. Before using information found on the web, you need to apply a reasonable amount of sound scepticism. Even government sites are not always complete or up to date. On the expat scene, some ‘smart’ people have found out that they can make a quick buck by copying articles from other sites, splash Google ads all over the place, and then self-promote these articles on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Sometimes, the copying is legal, if it is from shared sites, sometimes it is straightforward copyright infringement, when one or more pages from copyright protected websites are copied without permission. Sometimes, articles on shared sites are themselves infringing copyright, since the person who claims to be author and who put the article on the shared site simply copied a copyright protected page and edited it a bit.

In any case, junk sites that mainly thrive on promoting copied articles, legally or not, are not knowingly mentioned here. If you come across any, you are welcome to tell me. US Embassy in France. Very detailed. About France. A wealth of information about France.

How to Get PACSed in France (As a Foreigner)

Contrary to popular belief, not all French women are high-maintenance fashionistas who are obsessed with their looks. Nor are all French men smooth-talking womanizers who will say anything to get you in bed. Understanding these traits and the mindset of French men and women is key to dating as an expat. After all, different cultures around the world have a different appreciation of the qualities that make someone a desirable mate.

This is a great way to meet new people and swap stories. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey , people moving to France found they could easily.

My first trip abroad was the summer before my junior year in college. I travelled in France, Switzerland, Germany and England. I had a blast! I met other students from all over Europe. People invited me to their homes, so I was able to see a lot of life in other countries. But I had a wonderful time and in the meantime fell in love with France. At what point did you become aware that you wanted to live abroad and be an Expat?

Anyway, realizing through subsequent travel that there was a huge, friendly world out there, and that as an American, coming from a country with so many allies, I had the privilege to be able to travel almost anywhere in the world and be welcomed. As a black American, I enjoyed the feeling of being identified culturally and nationally as an American as well as being Black.

I never really thought of living in a foreign country until my first visit to Nice, France, in my thirties. That learning a new language fluently, not only enhances your ability to communicate more precisely in your native language, but in others as well… as you learn them… through travel and social interaction. I am fluent in French. I cannot imagine living in a country without speaking the language.

Most countries in the West at least, have some form of literacy program.

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South American? Be part of the greatest international community in Paris. Internationals In Paris is a social network uniting internationally orientated people who live in Paris. Fabiano, Tom, Toto and Benoit organise weekly social events which attract young and successful expats, internationals and french internationally oriented from all walks of life and countries of the world.

Top ten tips: How to date a Frenchman lives in Paris, and has literally written the blog on this subject, ‘How to date a Frenchman.’ Felicia France’s expat tribes: What kind are you? French property Face-off: France profonde vs the south.

This interview, from Fluency Corp, is part of a series of interviews in which Fluency Corp reaches out to clients, friends or even family, who have relocated to another country for a job, in order to ask about why they moved, how they moved and how they made a new home for themselves in their new country. In these interviews, you will find authenticity, humility, and also tips for how to make international relocation go smoother.

Where are you from? Where have you moved to? And how long did you spend in each country? Now I live in Dallas, Texas. I had a similar position when I was in France. I moved to Dallas with my company, Amadeus, which is actually from Spain. They have sites in London, Germany, southern France, and Madrid — the headquarters. I transferred doing the same job: engineer expert in reservation systems for airlines. Amazingly, my career grew in the U.

That was the promise of my company when I built a team here.

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